MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee County Supervisors Kathleen Vincent and Sequanna Taylor released the following statements encouraging students and staff across Milwaukee County.

“A new school year is a fresh start; I couldn’t let the back-to-school festivities come to an end without giving recognition and saying thank you to all of the wonderful school faculty we have across the County.” said Supervisor Kathleen Vincent. “Our educators provide meaningful instruction and lifelong lessons for the thousands of students in Milwaukee County. Each day they make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve. Given all the challenges faced by educators in recent years I’d like to take the time to celebrate each and every one of you. Our community is a better place as the result of the role you play. To the students, I wish you all success in your academic pursuits. Continue to stay focused and work hard to achieve your goals.”

“I could not be prouder of the energy and enthusiasm that our educators are starting the school year with,” said Supervisor Taylor. “This group has worked tirelessly to reimagine education multiple times in the face of a global pandemic. Seeing the relentless optimism in so many educators, students, and their families as we start another school year keeps us motivated to budget in a way that maximizes outcomes for our students. I am grateful for public-public partnerships that allow us to work smarter, as we reimagine what education should look like.”

Supervisor Kathleen Vincent was elected to the Greendale Board of Education in 2017. She currently serves as the Greendale School Board President. During her tenure on the Greendale School Board, she has served as the Board Clerk and on the Greendale Policies Committee, as well as on the Wisconsin Association of School Boards Policies and Resolutions Committee. Additionally, Supervisor Vincent teaches 8th grade English in the Kenosha Unified School District.

Supervisor Sequanna Taylor was first elected to the Milwaukee School Board in April 2019. She has served as parent engagement specialist in MPS, on the board of directors of the National Education Association, as a state board leader on the Wisconsin Education Association Council, as President of the Milwaukee Educational Assistant Association, and as a member on the Executive Board of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association.

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