MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander authored a budget amendment which would provide a provide a $2.00 per hour increase for Correctional Officers in Milwaukee County.  

“After learning that funds for an existing capital project were bondable, my office immediately went to work, using the available cash to address pay equity issues in our House of Correction,” said Supervisor Deanna Alexander. “Our Correctional Officers need to be paid at a rate which allows us to retain them. Each day they make a positive impact on our community, working around the clock in the name of public safety. This amendment is expected to have many positive effects on our House of Correction as well as Milwaukee County as a whole. There will be better employee retention. We’re currently at about 40% turnover each year for these positions. We need to retain good staff and realize that our current officers are overworked and underpaid. If these positions remain filled it will lead to more reasonable scheduling, resulting in better rested workers, with more capacity for high performance. Additionally, this amendment is an issue of equity. In our region, white corrections officers are likely to make about $5.00 per hour more than black corrections officers. Considering that a majority of Milwaukee County employees in these positions are people of color it is our duty to close this pay gap.” 

The amendment is being cosponsored by Supervisors Alexander, Johnson Jr., Staskunas, Vincent, Logsdon, Martin, and Zerpa. 

It seeks to address the near $5.00 pay gap between Correctional Officers in Racine and Milwaukee County. 

Additionally, Supervisor Alexander pointed to reduced overtime expenditures, avoiding having to sub-contract with Racine County Jail, lawsuit avoidance, and better employee retention as potential positive outcomes from the amendment.  

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