MILWAUKEE – Yesterday, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors adopted [10-6] a resolution to request the Audit Services Division of the Office of the Comptroller conduct an audit of the 2012 agreement between Milwaukee County and the Rock Sports Complex/Ballpark Commons. The author of the resolution, Supervisor Patti Logsdon made the following statement:  

“I’d like to thank Director Folliard and our entire audit division. The importance of the work they do to ensure that Milwaukee County is a good steward of our tax dollars cannot be understated. They review our contracts, search out waste, and even go as far as consulting neighbors about light and sound violations. As someone who has toured the district and observed homeowners unable to open their windows or use their backyards because of light and sound violations, it’s good to know that our own departments are also keeping a watchful eye over Milwaukee County business,” said Supervisor Logsdon. “As Supervisors we are stewards of public assets and tax dollars. If this audit is unable to accomplish anything else, I hope it provides a framework to my colleagues going forward when crafting new partnerships. We should never assume that our partners will be ‘good actors’ and we need to ensure that future contracts contain ‘teeth’ that allow Milwaukee County to protect and advocate for the needs of all of its’ citizens.” 

Supervisor Logsdon’s resolution was adopted by the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors [10-6] with two abstentions at their December meeting. 

The resolution will now head to the desk of Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley for his review.  

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