MILWAUKEE – On October 10 a 62-year-old white man was caught on video choking and detaining a 24-year-old Black man in the Layton Park neighborhood on Milwaukee’s south side. The Black man was accused of stealing a bicycle.  

County Supervisor Juan Miguel Martinez issued the following statement regarding the incident: 

“Unfortunately, it does not come as a surprise that these kinds of situations still occur in our city. There are three aspects of this video I would like to unequivocally condemn. First, the use of a chokehold in any form is thoroughly unacceptable. Second, acting aggressively toward a member of the Black community, and accusing them of a crime that they were allegedly near is an example of vigilantism and racism that is truly disgusting. Finally, assaulting a member of our community who has a disability is something that should never be tolerated.” said Supervisor Martinez. “Thankfully, DA Chisholm’s office made the correct decision in charging the man responsible for unlawfully detaining another citizen. I hope this encouraging trend continues in the future.”  

On October 27 the 62-year-old man was formally charged by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office with disorderly conduct. 

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