MILWAUKEE – Last night the Board of Supervisors adopted [15-3] the 2023 Milwaukee County Budget. Adopted budget amendments avoided cuts to paratransit service and made substantial investments in the county park system. 

“As an elected official to a nonpartisan position for Milwaukee County, I took an oath to represent every resident as best I can regardless of their political views. Yesterday was my first opportunity to amend and adopt an annual budget for Milwaukee County that serves the people of the 11th District, as well as Milwaukee County as a whole. This budget was filled with some great initiatives. We restored funding to paratransit services that so many rely on, prioritized our parks, and took care of our infrastructure and employees,” said Supervisor Vincent. “While many projects require our attention, it is our duty as elected officials to be good stewards of public funds. We were able to say yes to many great projects, but others were unfortunately put on hold until we are able to identify a realistic and stable funding source. I am very proud to say that this board worked diligently to come to a consensus last night. To see my colleagues putting aside their differences to pull together for the best interest of Milwaukee County was truly inspiring. Many thanks to our wonderful research staff, legislative assistants, County Clerk Christenson and his staff, and everyone who stayed late to assist in any way. Your hard work is appreciated.” 

While the Board of Supervisors were able to adopt a budget that avoids major service cuts and makes needed investments across Milwaukee County, a fiscal cliff is looming. By 2027, there will be no local dollars for local services without an additional revenue source. To learn more about how to ensure Milwaukee County’s fiscal future, visit

The 2023 Adopted Budget sets the Milwaukee County property tax levy at $312,922,151 which is $125,539 less than what County Executive David Crowley proposed. Expenditures are set at $1,373,900,395. 

The Adopted Budget now goes to County Executive Crowley’s desk for approval. If the County Executive issues any vetoes, the Board will convene on Thursday, November 17 at 9:30 a.m. 

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