MILWAUKEE, Wis — The Executive Board of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County released the following statement in response to the firing of election commission staff member Kimberly Zapata:

“The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County wholeheartedly condemns Kimberly Zapata for filing fraudulent requests for military absentee ballots.

“This attempt to undermine confidence in our elections and abuse the system our service members use to participate in democracy is wholly disqualifying for any staff member of the commission.

“Our democracy is protected by hundreds of election workers and thousands of volunteers across the state — we would like to thank and honor them for their hard work as well as Mayor Cavalier Johnson for his swift action to protect the commission.

“We are worse off when extremists promote conspiracy theories and damage our electoral process. We call on members of the Legislature, the Republican Party, and folks across Wisconsin to counter the false narratives around election fraud pushed by far-right extremists like Rep. Brandtjen.”

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