MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) proudly announces that both socialist candidates for the Wisconsin State Assembly, Darrin Madision for District 10 and Ryan Clancy for District 19, are heading to Madison. Madison will be the first Black socialist elected to State Assembly in Wisconsin history. These victories are a significant show of support for a stronger political agenda to fight attacks on democracy, greed, and corruption –– a political agenda that unapologetically fights for the needs of working class Wisconsin families.

“The newly drawn District 10 map was designed to keep people of color and leftists out of office,” Darrin Madison said. “Today’s victory is not only a victory in the fight to resist GOP redistricting, but it’s a victory for worker’s rights, transit, public education, housing, and healthcare for all. It is my mother Regina Denise Ard that has installed these progressive values in me at the early age of 6 years old.”

“I’m proud to be endorsed by Milwaukee DSA,” said Ryan Clancy. “Between my legislative history and the Milwaukee DSA endorsement, voters can be assured that I’m a staunch fighter for the working-class.”

“I have no doubt that Darrin and Ryan will continue the fight that socialists in Wisconsin started more than 100 years ago,” Milwaukee DSA Co-Chair Alex Brower said.

“Milwaukee DSA candidates have a history of fighting against the root causes of poverty and inequality. We’re excited to promote candidates like Darrin Madison and Ryan Clancy who not only run winning class-struggle campaigns, but who will raise expectations and push the limits of what’s considered possible in the State Assembly,” Milwaukee DSA Electoral Working Group co-chair Arthur Edmund said.

“Our world is on fire and the Democratic Party establishment is caught in a ‘donate, vote, or die’ messaging cycle that we reject. Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America don’t waste our time with the lesser of two evil politics or campaigning for the status quo. We will continue to only run candidates like Darrin Madison and Ryan Clancy who will raise expectations and be strong alternatives to the Democratic Party establishment,” Alex Brower said.

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