The Fire and Police Commission (FPC) has published its 2021 Annual Report and looks forward  to the community exploring its content. 

As described in the report, 2021 was a transformative year for the FPC. During that time, the FPC welcomed five new commissioners who are at the top of their fields, appointed chiefs of the  Milwaukee Fire and Police Departments who are overwhelmingly supported by the community,  and filled positions within the FPC that had been vacant for too long to create a diverse,  talented, and high-performing team. 

With these changes came a year of notable progress. Over the course of 2021, the FPC  adopted numerous reforms to improve policing in Milwaukee, including policies that ban officers  from executing no-knock search warrants and using chokeholds under any circumstance. At the  same time, the FPC strengthened its communication and collaboration with the Police and Fire  Departments, made significant progress in its ongoing efforts to achieve full compliance with the  Collins Settlement Agreement, and conducted all business—from recruiting to citizen  complaints—through an equity lens. 

The FPC looks forward to building on its renewed momentum and progress to increase both  safety and justice in the city of Milwaukee. 

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