MILWAUKEE – The County Board’s Finance Committee unanimously recommended for adoption a resolution by Supervisor Sheldon A. Wasserman to fund the design and execution of repairs to make McKinley Beach safe. Supervisor Steve F. Taylor, Shawn Rolland, and Willie Johnson Jr. are co-sponsors of the resolution.

“The Finance Committee’s action this morning brings us one step closer to once again enjoying a safe and swimmable McKinley Beach,” said Supervisor Wasserman. “Plainly stated: this beach is a danger to all county residents and this vote by the committee recognizes that this is an emergency with the need for immediate action. I look forward to this resolution receiving a vote next week at the County Board meeting.”

The resolution authorizes $712,190 in contingency funding to contract with a vendor for the design and construction of the McKinley Beach restoration and safety project. This succeeds an analysis by consultants of potential solutions to restore safe beach conditions.

If adopted, $144,000 would be allotted for planning and design of the project, and $567,000 for construction and implementation of improvements with additional enhanced safety measures.

Without approval of this funding, the repairs would likely not be made until late 2024 which would require continued closure of the beach until 2025. Adoption of this resolution would likely speed that timeline up by more than a year, resulting in the reopening of McKinley Beach in 2023.

The resolution will be heard by the full County Board at its next meeting on Thursday, June 23.

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