Missy Zombor, a Milwaukee Public Schools parent and longtime community activist, declared her candidacy for the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, citywide seat.

Missy Zombor, a Milwaukee Public School parent, marketing director for the education nonprofit publisher and advocacy organization Rethinking Schools, and formerly the communications director for the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA), is well-known and widely respected for her commitment to public education, social and economic justice, environmental issues, and worker rights.

Zombor’s campaign, Missy for Milwaukee Public Schools, focuses on these key priorities:

  • Defending and transforming our public schools
  • Fighting for equitable school funding
  • Ensuring class sizes are small enough for one-on-one attention
  • Attracting and retaining talented educators
  • Improving school meals
  • Ensuring that school transportation is reliable
  • Ending the school-to-prison pipeline
  • Increase access to art, music, physical education, librarians & career education
  • Protecting the right to play 

“Above all, I want to ensure that every MPS student has the opportunity to attend a public school filled with joy. Schools where students receive individual attention in a comfortable and safe classroom. Schools that promote a curriculum that gives students the knowledge and power to question the world in a way that helps uproot the causes of racism, the climate crisis, and economic inequality,” Missy Zombor said.

“Missy is a smart, hard-working, and experienced Milwaukee Public School parent and public education champion committed to defending and improving our schools,” said Bob Peterson, MPS School Board President and current citywide representative. “I have worked alongside Missy, and I am pleased to endorse her as my replacement for citywide school board representative.”

Missy Zombor has a growing list of endorsements from elected officials, including:

Bob Peterson, Milwaukee Public School Board President and Citywide School Board

Chris Larson, Wisconsin State Senate District 7

Darrin Madison, WI State Assembly District 10
Ryan Clancy, WI State Assembly District 19 and Milwaukee County Board Supervisor District 4
Christine Sinicki,  WI State Assembly District 20

Tod Ohnstad, WI State Assembly District 65
Juan Miguel Martinez, Milwaukee County Supervisor District 12

Peter Burgelis, Milwaukee County Supervisor District 15

Marva Herndon, Milwaukee Public School Board District 1

Erika Siemsen, Milwaukee Public School Board District 2

Henry Leonard, Milwaukee Public School Board District 7

Megan O’Halloran, Milwaukee Public School Board District 8

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