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Justice isn’t what you say, it’s what you do. And only Judge Mitchell is committed to justice, equity, and a better future for all Wisconsinites.

Upon the announcement of Judge Jennifer Dorow’s entrance to the 2023 Wisconsin Supreme Court race, Judge Everett Mitchell released the following statement:

“Since our announcement in June, we’ve made stops up and down this state speaking with voters on all sides of the political spectrum who are concerned about the direction of our state and who want a better future for all Wisconsinites. And Judge Dorow’s entrance into the race, with her extreme, conservative views, highlights exactly why the stakes are so high. It’s more clear than ever to me that justice isn’t what you say, it’s what you do. Judges like Dan Kelly and Jennifer Dorow will use their pre-determined conservative political beliefs to make judgments, not justice. That’s not what Wisconsinites deserve.”

Mitchell Campaign Manager Sean Elliott added, “Judge Mitchell knows the people of Wisconsin deserve a Supreme Court that reflects the diversity of thought and experience that our state has. Judge Mitchell will be a Supreme Court Justice who is thoughtful, tough, and fair. Walker-appointees like Dorow and Kelly will be conservative activists determined to take our state backwards.”

Elliott continued, “That’s why this campaign is built on listening to the people about what they want to see for the future of our state and overwhelmingly they tell us that they want Everett Mitchell to be their next state Supreme Court Justice.”

“Judge Mitchell is proud to have the backing of Governor Doyle, Justice Butler, Appellate Judge Maxine White, Sheriff Kalvin Barrett, Senator Lena Taylor, community organizations like BLOC and dozens of judges, elected officials, and community leaders. Judge Mitchell will win with the support of the people of Wisconsin.”

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