(Madison, WI) — Building on landmark congressional climate, jobs, communities, and clean energy investments, hundreds of local and national advocacy groups are now pivoting to the need for the Biden administration to use all its available tools to set the strongest possible health, environment, and climate protections. 

Today, National Wildlife Federation Wisconsin brought together Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, State Senator Kelda Roys (D-Senate District 26) and leading local advocates to formally launch the Solutions for Pollution campaign in Wisconsin. The campaign will drive ambition within the Biden administration to set the strongest possible pollution protections across federal agencies to make good on the president’s promises to cut climate pollution by 50-52% by 2030, advance justice, and protect our health and environment.

The Solutions for Pollution campaign is a broad and diverse coalition of over 200 environmental, climate, public health, environmental justice, youth, and clean energy organizations coordinated by the Climate Action Campaign. On September 12th, the coalition sent a letter to President Biden calling for his administration to implement the approximately 20 federal protections included in the coalition’s Solutions for Pollution Action Plan that along with the Inflation Reduction Act would get us all the way to meeting the president’s climate commitments.

“There is more to be done at the federal level, and it’s important that each level of government use every tool in our toolbox to make a difference, not just on climate pollutants, but on the pollutants that impact human health and our environment. There is more work to do. The city of Madison stands ready to do that work with the state government and federal government,” said Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway.

“Even though the Inflation Reduction Act is the greatest climate change legislation we’ve seen in this country, it is still not enough. And that’s why today we are calling on and encouraging the Biden administration to use the full breadth of its powers to help regulate dangerous pollution,” said State Senator Kelda Roys. 

“Setting these standards will help us meet President Biden’s promise to reduce climate pollution by 50% by 2030, which will lead to huge benefits across the board.” said Jordyn Perr, Organizer, National Wildlife Federation. “Here in Wisconsin, we are seeing historic rainfall more often, sometimes multiple times per year. Wisconsin saw 231 extreme weather events in 2021, costing almost eight million dollars in damage, and destroying communities.”

Perr continued, “about 75% of people ages 16-25 surveyed in a dozen countries said that our climate’s health makes them fear for the future. Reducing pollution and incentivizing clean energy while protecting the most vulnerable communities are the only solutions to ensure safety and stability. The climate crisis has taken too much, and it is time that we create a safe climate for us and our future generations to grow up in.”

“Our communities need the Biden administration to keep its promises on climate, justice and public health by implementing the Solutions For Pollution Action Plan swiftly and boldly,” said Alexander Malchow, Policy Coordinator, Faith in Place.

“We have to strongly encourage our legislators to promote more clean energy technologies,” said Jackie Harrison-Jewell, Director, Couillard Solar Foundation. “It allows us to create and distribute energy locally, reducing the strain on our grid.”

The Solutions for Pollution campaign will focus on engaging the administration and mobilizing the public to ensure implementation of rigorous pollution limits on power plants and industrial sources, the strongest possible standards to reduce vehicle pollution, standards for more efficient appliances, limits on methane and HFCs, as well as more transparency for investors, shareholders, and others on climate risks to corporations, and more. 

To learn more about the Solutions for Pollution campaign, visit https://www.actonclimate.com/solutions.

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