Dem U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson released a new TV ad in which he says he’s different from Dems from Madison and Milwaukee.

Nelson’s campaign said it’s a six-figure buy, but didn’t have other details immediately available.

In the ad, Nelson says Dems like him have a whole different “approach” as he plays cornhole, a different “touch” as he stacks a hay bale and a different “cast” as he fishes.

“Oh, we read good books,” Nelson says as he holds the Farmer’s Almanac before adding he doesn’t have “the biggest pocketbooks.”

Dem rivals Sarah Godlewski and Alex Lasry have put personal resources into their campaigns. They and fellow Dem Mandela Barnes all currently reside in either Madison or Milwaukee.

Nelson adds he’s won six times in Trump country pulling for what matters such as jobs and Medicare-for-all.

“I’ll fight the extremism in Washington by pulling for all of Wisconsin,” he says to close the spot while driving a tractor.

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