Dem U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson is out with a new TV ad in which he mocks the idea of foreign-made toilet paper.

“Because Chinese toilet paper? My ass,” Nelson says as he tosses a roll over his shoulder.

Nelson’s campaign said the ad is running on cable in the Green Bay market, but declined to provide other details.

Nelson in the spot says Wisconsin has long been a leader in the production of toilet paper, cheese and motorcycles. But the state lost its share of the market as companies “sought cheaper and cheaper labor.” Supply chain issues have shown the problems with allowing Wisconsin products to be made overseas, he adds.

“I’m running for Senate to fight this race to the bottom to make sure Wisconsin jobs, and products, are made right here,” Nelson says.

Nelson also recently launched a new billboard criticizing Johnson for the donations he’s accepted from the NRA.

See the release on the billboard here.

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