Appleton, Wis. – Outagamie County executive and populist Wisconsin U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Nelson on Friday released his third television ad, “Pulling for All Wisconsin,” putting electability front and center in the Senate race while highlighting Nelson’s small-town resume and progressive bonafides.

Nelson highlights major contrasts with other frontrunners like Alex Lasry and Sarah Godlewski with references to his middle-class Wisconsin roots and that, unlike Mandela Barnes, he has consistently advocated for Medicare for All.

Nelson has won six races in Outagamie County, a county Trump won by ten points and has stressed the need for Wisconsin Democrats to expand margins outside of Madison and Milwaukee to compete with the deep pockets and conspiracy-based campaign of Republican incumbent Ron Johnson.

Using a little humor, also evident in his previous “Toilet Paper” ad and “On Your Team” ad, Nelson concludes that, “I’ll fight the extremism in Washington by pulling for ALL Wisconsin.”

Watch the new ad here.

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Read the script of the new ad below:

“Pulling for ALL Wisconsin” script:

Hi, I’m Tom Nelson Outagamie County Executive, candidate for the U.S. Senate and I approve this message.

Democrats like me, not from Madison or Milwaukee, have a “hole” different approach.

We have a different touch.

A different cast.

Oh, we read good books.

Not the biggest pocketbooks.

I’ve won six times in Trump Country, pulling for what matters; jobs, Medicare for all, union rights, women’s rights, a planet in crisis.

I’ll fight the extremism in Washington by pulling for all Wisconsin.

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