“(N)othing short of political cowardice”

Appleton, Wis. – As other Democratic Senate candidates trip over themselves running away from repeal of the disastrous Title 42 refugee ban, maverick populist Tom Nelson was supporting the Biden administration’s move.

On Monday, Politico reported on candidates such as Mandela Barnes, who previously brandished an “Abolish ICE” t-shirt, who were tacking toward the Trump Title 42 position on denying asylum to refugees based on unfounded public health grounds, a view which was drafted by noted xenophobe Stephen Miller.

Other Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidates, including self-funding millionaires Alex Lasry and Sarah Godlweski, also ran for cover. But not Nelson. According to Politico:

That leaves Tom Nelson of Wisconsin as an outlier. The Senate candidate and Outagamie County executive said Barnes, one of his primary opponents, and other Democrats are showing “nothing short of political cowardice.”

“I’ve been in these polling briefings and Democrats are scared to death of this issue. And why? Because a lot of them, they don’t have any backbone,” Nelson said. “Democrats have got to stand up and do the right thing. Support the president.”

In a separate statement, Nelson said:

“Title 42 encourages, rather than prevents, lawlessness at the border. It also violates our historic commitments to refugees fleeing war, disaster and famine, including those who have been allies of the United States, including Hmong people and Afghans. There is also serious hypocrisy and troubling double standards when the U.S. is waiving Title 42 restrictions for Ukrainians, but rejecting refugees from Haiti, Cuba and Cameroon. As a pastor’s son, I was taught all humans have equal dignity. Title 42 is not a serious policy to actually fix our immigration problem, but convenient for politicians like Ron Johnson and other Democrats seeking to grandstand for an election.”

Read the entire Politico story here.

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