Appleton, Wis. — Today, Outagamie County Executive and U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson responded to Sen. Ron Johnson’s recent statements that he would revive the Republican effort to kill Obamacare while supporting Sen. Rick Scott’s plans to raise taxes on 50 percent of Americans.

“Billionaire son-in-law Ron Johnson is running out of ways to be out-of-touch. Whether it’s supporting the regressive Rick Scott scot-free plan to raise taxes on 50 percent of Americans while allowing corporations and Wall Street to avoid paying their fair share, or another zombie attempt to kill Obamacare, he’s showing a dangerous and total lack of human empathy.

“And Johnson is doing this all while spouting quack Covid theories and profiting from a corrupt economic system that lets millionaires like him double their wealth while serving in the Senate.

“Johnson’s latest ideological salvoes show why it’s important that Democrats nominate a candidate who can draw the simplest contrast. And everyone knows MY plans for healthcare and taxes:

“Tax the rich. Provide Medicare for ALL.”

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