“They don’t need to be trading like Gordon Gekko or Bud Fox.”


Appleton, Wis. – Grassroots U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson’s call for a ban on Congressional stock trading – putting him at odds with incumbent U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Democratic leaders like Speaker Nancy Pelosi – is gaining national attention.


Nelson, the Outagamie (Wis.) County Executive who has won six times in a Trump-won county, took the “Ossoff Pledge” last week – named for U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.), who recently introduced legislation to forbid sitting lawmakers and their family members from holding and trading individual stocks.


In Axios, Nelson is quoted as saying:


“Democrats and Republicans take advantage of this and it is wrong…They don’t need to be trading like Gordon Gekko or Bud Fox. Just get mutual funds and CDs like the rest of us. How difficult can that be?”


The stock ban is just the latest example of Nelson aggressively driving contrasts between him and Johnson – and the rest of the Wisconsin Democratic field.


Nelson even challenged his primary opponents and Ron Johnson to join him in supporting Senator Ossoff’s bill through a fireside video.


Nelson has circulated a petition to gather support for the measure as well.


Read about Nelson’s stock pledge here (Axios, 1/12/22) (Politico, 1/12/22) (The Hill, 1/11/22) (Axios, 1/18/22).

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