Appleton, Wis. – U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Nelson at the Dane County Democratic Forum Wednesday warned Democrats during his closing remarks that nominating Alex Lasry could jeopardize the re-election chances of Governor Tony Evers.

Nelson said the following:

“And look, we are not the only ones who are on the ballot. The governor’s race is just as important and we have been going after a guy by the name of Tim Michels, who’s an out-of-state millionaire, who’s trying to buy the governor’s race. Now, if we nominate someone who is also an out of state billionaire, we lose our best argument in that race and we cannot allow that to happen.”

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has been attacking Michels for his wealth and being a resident of Connecticut and New York:

  • Michels is not an everyday Wisconsinite. He was on the board of the state’s largest business lobby, and he doesn’t even appear to live in Wisconsin full-time — he owns multimillion-dollar homes in Connecticut and New York, where he lived part time for at least 8 years. (May 19, 2022)

  • “Tim Michels might have missed the news while living in Connecticut, but Governor Evers has already renegotiated the Foxconn deal and saved taxpayers nearly $3 billion,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Iris Riis. (June 17, 2022)

Even right-wing media has gone after Michels’ East Coast ties and lavish wealth and lifestyle:

  • Wisconsin Right Now: Despite the east coast homes and high schools, Michels has stated that the family lives in Wisconsin. In a press conference in March 2022, just weeks before he announced a run for governor, Michels and his family members stressed their Wisconsin ties to the news media.

To view Nelson’s remarks, go here:

Read more about Nelson’s remarks here:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Tom Nelson jabs Alex Lasry on wealth, New York roots during Democratic U.S. Senate forum”


With a month to go in their primary race, Democratic U.S. Senate candidates dug into issues ranging from inflation to abortion to war in Ukraine during a Wednesday night forum sponsored by the Dane County Democrats.


Billed as a debate, the virtual event was a round-robin question-and-answer session among eight candidates.




And the only verbal jab came late when Nelson brought up the governor’s race as a way to zero in on Lasry’s wealth and New York roots.


Nelson claimed that Republican Tim Michels is “an out-of-state millionaire trying to buy the governor’s race.” Michels is a Wisconsin resident who has homes in New York and Connecticut and whose children attended school in Connecticut.


“Now, if we nominate someone who’s also an out-of-state billionaire we lose our best argument in that race (governor) and we can’t allow that to happen,” Nelson said.


Lasry is a multimillionaire who has lived in Milwaukee for eight years.

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