Appleton, Wis. – Former Democratic presidential candidate and best-selling author Marianne Williamson on Monday announced her endorsement of Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination, saying that, “Tom is the candidate with the truest progressive vision for Wisconsin and the best chance at beating Ron Johnson.”

In her endorsement, Williamson cited Nelson’s advocacy for a “Blue-Green New Deal,” his fights against Wall Street and a rigged economy and his belief that Medicare for All must replace our broken for-profit health care system.

“Tom Nelson has consistently shown himself to be a change agent in confronting the various crises facing our nation,” Williamson said. “Whether it’s standing up for paper mill and factory workers and dairy farmers who are being ground up for corporate profit, or envisioning an American environmental policy that heals our planet while making our communities stronger and less reliant on Big Oil, or making clear the need for Medicare for All, Tom has distinguished himself from among the Democratic field.”

“And as a pastor’s kid himself, Tom understands that this is not merely a political struggle, but a moral and spiritual one, as well. This understanding and approach is what’s led him to success in a so-called ‘red’ area and it’s why he is best suited to beat Ron Johnson in November,” she continued.

Nelson, a 2016 Bernie Sanders delegate who has been endorsed by local labor groups, Sunrise Wisconsin and numerous other local leaders, welcomed the Williamson endorsement as a sign of the growing progressive strength of his campaign.

“Marianne Williamson has been a champion for cleaning up a corrupt Washington and has earned a devoted following thanks to her fearless moral vision of a better society. I’m very proud and honored to have her endorsement,” Nelson said. “As more national activists and Wisconsin Democrats engage in this Senate race, they’ll see our campaign as having not just the BEST shot – but also the most consistent progressive vision at beating Ron Johnson come November.”

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