Appleton, WI – The Nelson for Wisconsin campaign announced today an endorsement from Chungyia Thao, a respected leader within Wisconsin’s Hmong community. Thao is president of Thao United National, Inc., a nationwide fraternal organization that provides resources and expertise for economic and educational development to the Hmong community. He is also a successful Wisconsin businessman and mentor.

In his endorsement, Thao said, “Tom Nelson is someone that I and the Hmong community can trust to well represent our interests. I know I can count on him to have our backs. He fought hard against forced repatriation to Laos, he honors us each year at the Hmong New Year festival, and works hard to make sure the Hmong community has a seat at the table. It is for this reason and so many others that I endorse Tom Nelson for U.S. Senate.”

Nelson responded, “I am very grateful for Chungyia’s endorsement and friendship. It has been a true honor to work with the Hmong community and I am grateful for their rich contributions to our state. I look forward to a continuing partnership with this community that has become such a valuable and integral part of the Wisconsin family, and supporting them however I am able as a U.S. Senator.”

Nelson also tweeted about the endorsement.

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