Appleton, WI – The recent Marquette Law School poll showed pro-worker populist underdog candidate Tom Nelson beating Ron Johnson 44%-43%. Ron Johnson remains the most disliked politician in Wisconsin with a stunningly low approval rating of 37%. The most popular candidate for the Democratic primary was “undecided.”


Campaign manager Irene Lin said:


 “Despite not spending anywhere near the amount as some of our self-funding competitors, Tom continues to hold his own in this still wide-open race. 25% for a supposed ‘front runner’ with fancy national endorsements shows the race is not settled by any means. Meanwhile, Sarah Godlewski was surely exposed for her sham push pull that had left Tom’s name off and showed her with a ludicrous double digit lead. If she’s willing to so blatantly lie and manipulate a push poll, what kind of Senator do we think she will be? Shed a tear for Alex Lasry that his $9 million spent on ads has led him to be the only candidate losing to Ron Johnson. We are confident that when Democrats hear Tom’s message as the only candidate elected in a Trump county who’s saved a union paper mill, he can emerge victorious in this primary.”

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