APPLETON, Wis. – Outagamie County Executive and U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson today demanded that extremist Republican disinformation machine Sen. Ron Johnson retract and apologize for vile comments he made supporting the suggestion that doctors immunizing patients from Covid-19 were instead deliberately infecting them with AIDS.

The comments were first revealed by Heartland Signal, the website associated with WCPT radio.

Johnson was going along with a conspiracy theorist who falsely claimed doctors were infecting people being immunized, saying this medically impossible crime “may be true.”

Nelson today said Johnson must clearly withdraw his remarks, condemn the lie about AIDS and apologize to people with HIV/AIDS:

“Ron Johnson has said many despicable things to advance his far-right agenda, but using people with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones to advance conspiracy lies is a new low for Wisconsin’s bottom-feeding embarrassment.

Johnson owes Wisconsin and communities everywhere affected by HIV/AIDS an apology for heartless remarks that throws around the pain of one epidemic to throw smoke at a different ongoing pandemic.

And he should make sure that people who, for whatever reason, think he is credible know that everything he said in his despicable AIDS comments was medically impossible and entirely untrue. Vaccines and our amazing scientists have proven to be a godsend to controlling COVID. Ron Johnson is a walking public health disaster whose presence in the Senate is costing us lives.”

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