Appleton, WI – Nelson for Wisconsin Campaign Manager Irene Lin called out U.S.Senate candidate Sarah Godlewski for her grandstanding and casting blame on other Democrats for the failure to codify Roe vs. Wade when she herself inexplicably failed to vote in Wisconsin in 2016, allowing Donald Trump to win the state by a little over 22,000 votes in one of the closest elections ever:

“Sarah Godlewski should look in the mirror and take responsibility for this catastrophe since she unbelievably FAILED to vote in 2016 when it was her JOB as Hillary Clinton’s Wisconsin women’s outreach director to get women to vote in the most consequential election of our lifetime in the most consequential state.

That failure to vote led to Donald Trump appointing three anti-abortion extremists. She and the Jill Stein voters need to go sit in a corner. Please spare us the posturing.”

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