Appleton, Wis. – As the U.S. Senate prepares to vote on landmark voting rights legislation today, a new video released Wednesday by the Nelson campaign highlights the personal efforts by Maria Nelson – wife of grassroots U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson – to fight back and expose the need for action.

Maria Nelson was a plaintiff in a landmark 2020 federal lawsuit seeking to ensure voting safety and access for Wisconsin voters. In the video, she cites her own experience of being in recovery from breast cancer and not receiving her requested absentee ballot until after Wisconsin’s spring election in 2020.

“Thomas always says the way to make things better is to get involved,” she says in the video.

Pastor’s kid Tom Nelson is the Outagamie County Executive and a 5th-generation Wisconsinite who has won six times in a Trump-won county.

Watch the Maria Nelson voting rights video here.

View on Twitter here.


[MARIA] Hi I’m Maria Nelson. Usually, Thomas is the one involved in policy and politics, but recently –

[TOM] Maria, have you read this article on the erosion of public trust in national institutions and how disastrous the consequences can be?

[MARIA] No, I haven’t gotten to it yet, Thomas.

Anyway, during the start of the pandemic, I was still going through treatment for breast cancer, which meant it really wasn’t safe for me to go out and vote in person.

So I requested an absentee ballot. Problem was, it didn’t arrive in the mail until after the election, so I decided to do something.

I joined other Wisconsin residents in asking the courts to make it safer for people to vote all the time.

Thomas always says the only way to make things better is to become involved.

[TOM] Did you say I was right?

I was right. Yeah, I was right.

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