Appleton, Wis. – Financial filings due today show that Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson has outraised fellow U.S. Senate Democratic candidate and New Yorker Alex Lasry in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn, Wisconsin, that is (4 contributions totaling $500).

Unlike other millionaire candidates who can afford to write themselves checks and who rely on out-of-state money, Nelson continues to be most reliant on homegrown donors as a majority of his contributions were from Wisconsin (55%) this quarter.

Nelson DID report raising some money from New York ($4,089) but did even better in Fitchburg ($4,230) and Appleton ($5,742).

For the fourth quarter, Nelson raised $215,522.15 from 64 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, with a total reported cash on hand of $484,372.73. He’s raised $1,151,860.72 since jumping in the race last year.

“We are proud as the grassroots underdog campaign to have raised over $1.1 million since entering this race, with over 52% of that coming from Wisconsin donors and 87% coming from small dollar donations. As the son of a Lutheran pastor who has spent his life in Outagamie County, Tom is used to earning and working for every penny. Tom doesn’t have the ability to write himself a big fat check, nor many fancy friends on Wall Street, nor did he marry into a billionaire family like Ron Johnson. But as Wisconsin – and the nation – hears more about Tom and the wins he’s racked up for working families, I’m confident voters will know Tom is the best candidate to defeat Ron Johnson,” said Nelson campaign manager Irene Lin.

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