Milwaukee, WI – Pro-Worker and populist U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson demonstrated at tonight’s TMJ4 why he is the only choice who can beat Ron Johnson in the most important Senate race in the country. He’s also not afraid to be the only candidate to push bold ideas such as expanding the Supreme Court and nationalizing the oil industry.

Nelson made the strong case he is the only candidate who can beat Ron Johnson as the only elected from a red part of Wisconsin who has won election and re-election six times from Outagamie County. As his current tv ad notes, candidates not from Madison or Milwaukee have a different approach.

Nelson also touted to show why he’s the candidate to take on Ron Johnson.

To view Tom’s closing statement go HERE.

Nelson for Wisconsin released before tonight’s debate a digital ad warning Wisconsin primary voters to choose carefully who the nominee should be against Ron Johnson. The ad highlights Alex Lasry’s own admission he was not familiar with Wisconsin or the fact that Milwaukee was a “normal city.” In a Senate already made up of two-thirds millionaires, including Ron Johnson, the last thing we need is another plutocrat from the 1%.

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