Appleton, WI – Populist U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Nelson released the “Full Nelson” anthem today, saying “We’re going Full Nelson!” The jingle, written specifically for the campaign by Chris Barron and performed with his Spin Doctors band, states that Nelson, the current Outagamie County Executive, is, “Good for the country,” and “Good for Wisconsin,” The lyrics are accompanied by photos and video of Nelson on the campaign trail and at home with his family. Spin Doctors lead singer Chris Barron retweeted the anthem, stating, “We’re helping Wisconsin to Zip up their Johnson!!!” along with the hashtag #GoingFullNelson.

Watch the jingle HERE.




Tom Nelson’s better at talking.


He’s better at cooking.


He’s a much better person.


He’s just better looking.


Good for the country.


Good for Wisconsin.


Zip up your Johnson.


We’re going full Nelson.

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