Appleton, WI – In the aftermath of the Uvalde school massacre and too many other mass shootings in America, Nelson for Wisconsin released an ad today among the first this cycle to condemn the alarming rise in gun violence since Ron Johnson took office. The ad contains the sound of phone calls recorded during school shootings, highlighting just how painful the gun violence epidemic is right now. Nelson highlights the rise in school gun violence from 15 incidents the year Ron Johnson took office to last year where there were 249 incidents.

Nelson said, “It’s every parent’s worst nightmare that when we drop our kids off at school, that maybe this is the last day we see them. The Uvalde massacre led to some common sense reforms for gun safety, but much more needs to be done, and certainly Ron Johnson with his NRA blood money is doing nothing to keep our kids safe. We’ve become so numb to this traumatic violence that not many campaigns have sought to highlight this uniquely American tragedy. I’m running so my Mary and George can someday hopefully not need to duck and drill exercises.”

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