Bat Signal Goes Up in the GOP’s Pravda

Appleton, Wis. – Breitbart News, the in-house news organ of corporate special interests that masquerades as a populist publication, is sounding the alarm to fellow Republicans about the danger posed by Democratic pro-labor populist U.S. Senate candidates like Tom Nelson, who’ve staked their campaigns on standing up for workers.

In what amounts to a bat signal for Republicans in the GOP’s Pravda, Breitbart notes the inroads that Donald Trump and corporate Republicans have made in states like Wisconsin – and what dangers are posed to their efforts to retake the Senate in 2022 by candidates like Nelson and other populist U.S. Senate candidates such as John Fetterman (Pa.) and Tim Ryan (Ohio).

Breitbart laments:

“Tom Nelson (D), running for Senate in Wisconsin, is touting his work with union workers in the past that helped save a paper mill in Outagamie County from shuttering….Even in cases where historically-GOP constituencies of union workers have protested left-wing corporations, House and Senate Republicans have remained silent. Democrats, on the other hand, have reached out to the workers.”

Read the entire NSFW article here.

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