APPLETON, Wis. – Sen. Ron Johnson today outrageously blamed Pelosi, Col. Vindman and Adam Schiff for helping to weaken Ukraine through their political impeachment “travesty.” You can watch the video here.

U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson said in response:

“If anyone emboldened Vladimir Putin and weakened Ukraine, it’s Ron Johnson, who chose to spend the 4th of July in Moscow in 2018 and refused to hold President Trump accountable for withholding $400 million in military aid to Ukraine. I have some questions I’d love him to answer.”

Nelson challenged Sen. Johnson to answer three questions regarding his role in strengthening Putin’s hand while weakening Ukraine:

  1. Are you aware Donald Trump withheld $400M in military aid to Ukraine, thus making them less prepared to take on the Russian army?

  2. What was the purpose, substance and scope of your disturbing private meeting with Vladimir Putin’s top deputy Sergey Lavrov during your 4th of July mystery Moscow trip in 2018?

  3. What evidence can you provide that during your meeting(s) with top Kremlin leaders, you opposed Putin’s illegal 2014 annexation of parts of Ukraine and his 2016 meddling in the presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump?

Mystery continues to surround Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s still-unexplained 2018 4th of July visit to Moscow, where Johnson huddled in private with Vladimir Putin’s top deputy Sergey Lavrov, now a target of world sanctions and condemnation. Below is a picture from the 2018 Moscow meeting.

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