APPLETON, Wis. – Outagamie County Executive and pro-labor populist Tom Nelson released the following statement today:

“I have spent the last twenty-one months and two days doing all I can to beat Ron Johnson. He is an embarrassing, unmitigated disaster for our beloved Badger State.

I am proud of the race we ran and the ideas we put forward like a national industrial strategy to build good paying jobs in our communities, Medicare for All to ensure everyone has access to health care, a one-of-a-kind food sovereignty plan to lift up our family farmers, bust up Big Ag and help consumers, and a Green New Deal so our children and their children have a planet to live on.

Unfortunately, money matters way too much in politics and running against two self-funding millionaires proved too much for this pastor’s kid.

Unlike billionaire son-in-law Ron Johnson and some of the other Democratic candidates, Mandela Barnes knows firsthand what it’s like for families struggling with inflation, without health insurance or a lack of gainful work. He has a strong progressive record and is well positioned to finish Ron Johnson off.

Thank you to all my supporters and endorsers, particularly Our Wisconsin Revolution, Sunrise Wisconsin, USW Local 2-144, IAFF Locals 257, 3655, 141, OPCMIA Local 599, and United Electrical workers for believing in us and helping advance key issues in this race.

Mandela can now count on me to be on his side every step of the way. I urge other Democratic primary voters to also support him now as well.”

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