Dem U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson announced the first TV ad of his campaign, knocking the taxpayer subsidies that helped build the Milwaukee Bucks’ arena.

The spot doesn’t mention Alex Lasry or Mandela Barnes by name. Still, Lasry’s father is a billionaire hedge fund manager and co-owner of the Bucks, while Barnes voted for the subsidy package when he was a member of the state Assembly.

Nelson’s campaign said the ad will run on TNT as the cable network broadcasts games four and five of the Eastern Conference semifinals. The campaign said it was a four-figure buy.

It features Nelson, who’s wearing a Bucks jersey and a headband. He says while he’s rooting for the Bucks, he’s not “rooting for using your tax dollars to make billionaires richer.” He says the quarter of a billion dollars in taxpayer money and “even more for Foxconn” was taken from schools, roads and tax relief.

“Go Bucks, but let’s end these crooked political deals. Because the only team that matters is you,” Nelson says as he hoists a ball over his shoulder and it’s shown going through the rim.

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