In response to President Biden’s Executive Order addressing extreme heat and boosting offshore wind, NextGen America President Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez released the following statement: 

“We commend the Biden administration for taking a critical step toward addressing and combating the climate crisis. This executive order will protect communities from extreme weather, lower cooling costs for communities, and help create jobs and clean energy through offshore wind opportunities. Across the country, young people are desperate for action on climate change because they are going to have to live with the consequences if our leaders do not prioritize a clean energy future. The millions of young voters NextGen is mobilizing overwhelmingly support legislation that fosters environmental justice.

“The urgency of this moment demands unprecedented action. Young voters recognize the need for bold solutions and have been at the forefront of this fight. In the past several years, they have used their voices to create progress on climate change and are just getting started. We have the power in numbers to win, and we won’t stop until we have a government that represents our vision for the future. At NextGen America, we will continue activating and organizing young people to vote for leaders who are willing to tackle this crisis head-on.”

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