DELAFIELD, Wis. – Today, Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Nicholson announced a ‘Veterans Advisory Team’ – military veterans from across the state who have joined together to support his campaign. Members include veterans from the Korean Conflict, Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“As a veteran, serving our country is a pivotal part of who we are,” Nicholson said. “I’m honored that so many brave men and women who previously served our nation in uniform have come together from throughout Wisconsin to fight for our state’s future. Wisconsin voters are tired of career politicians who are so caught up in the system that they lose sight of what really matters – things like taking care of the men and women who honorably put their lives on the line to serve our nation and defend our Constitution. As Wisconsin’s next governor, I will draw on my real-life experiences as a veteran, businessman, and father to ensure that we are making responsible, common-sense decisions that protect our military, our veterans, and the people of our state and nation.”

The Veterans Coalition is led by co-chairs who served in different places: Kevin Hermening, a Marine veteran — who was an Iranian hostage at the US embassy – and financial advisor from Mosinee; and, Dave Zien, a Marine veteran who served in the Vietnam War, former Wisconsin legislator, and veterans advocate from Chippewa Falls.

“Our governor serves as the Commander in Chief of the Wisconsin National Guard,” said Hermening. “It’s been too long since we’ve had a Governor that’s worn the uniform. We have been losing the perspective and leadership that comes with that service. We need problem solvers and leaders in the office of the Governor, and every veteran in this coalition understands that Kevin Nicholson is both.”

Veterans Advisory Team Details:

Deanna Alexander – USA
Dennis Beattie – USMC
Brian Brandt – USA
Leslie Brown – USMC
Chuck Christburg – USMC
John Christy – USA
Chaplain Ed Demler – USMC
Mike Doble – USA
Patrick Fuller – USMC & USA
John Gaedke – USAF
James Gomez – USMC
Joe Hanson – USMC
Jack Henning – USAF
Kevin Hermening – USMC
John Hinz – USN
Don Holt – USN
Matt Joski – USMC
Kent Knudson – USN
Brandon Koble – USMC
Larry Kutschma – USA
Domingo Leguizamon – USA
John Matz – USA
Corban Mayhak – USA
Daniel Milsted – USN
Brock Mrdjenovich – USA
Jerry Mullen – USMC
Ray Newstrom – USA
Lee Otto – USA
Ralph Palmer – USMC
Humberto Pasarell – USA
Dan Richards – USMC
Perfecto Rivera – USAF
Michael Robinson – USMC
Donovan Ruh – USMC
John Scocos  – USA
Katie Seiler – USAF
Eugene Sinner – USAF
Tim Thiers – USN
Don Weber – USMC
Merrill York – USN
Dave Zien – USMC
Don Zimmer – USA

Nicholson continues to grow his grassroots support, and has widespread support for his outsider candidacy from throughout the state. His endorsements include an impressive and growing coalition, including 30 Wisconsin sheriffs and Wisconsin Family Action PAC.

Nicholson is a decorated Marine Corps veteran who served combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He currently works as a business consultant, helping companies solve their toughest problems.

To learn more about why Kevin Nicholson is running for governor, along with his background and vision for Wisconsin, click here.

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