DELAFIELD, Wis. – ICYMI: On Sunday morning, Kevin Nicholson – a Marine Corps combat veteran, political outsider, and a Republican candidate for Wisconsin governor – took to Twitter and issued a thread of 11 tweets calling out Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ many failings when it comes to crime:

In 2018, Governor Evers set a goal of decreasing our state’s prison population by half. Instead of reducing crime, we’ve seen that his goal was to be soft on crime and to release criminals back into society. Today, homicides, violent crime, car thefts, and drug overdoses are skyrocketing in the state of Wisconsin.


Governor Evers has issued more pardons than any other Wisconsin Governor and his soft-on-crime proposals have suggested eliminating felony bail jumping. Further, he couldn’t meet with Milwaukee crime victims due to his “busy schedule,” and he won’t say if he supports minimum bail and minimum sentencing for violent offenders.


It comes as no surprise that Governor Evers appointed John Tate to chair the Wisconsin Parole Board – someone who founded a group opposed to truth-in-sentencing. After much public pressure on Governor Evers, the parole board reversed a terrible decision to release a murderer a few weeks ago.


Another murder victim’s family contacted me and asked me to contact the parole board on their behalf. The Vite family felt frustrated and unheard in the process. I did – and again, after public pressure, the parole board last week voted to not release the murderer (at least for this review cycle). But it took public pressure to do this. In fact, they had previously released the other murderer in the case.”


And in an election year stunt, last Friday afternoon, after much public pressure, Governor Evers finally asked his appointee to the Wisconsin Parole Board to resign. But it’s too late. The damage has already been done. Violent criminals have already been released.


This is Governor Evers’ pattern: he only responds to public pressure. In March, I called on him to remove his chair of the state Veterans Board, after he was charged and admitted to possessing child pornography. Evers didn’t take action when the story first broke in January. Two months after Curtis Schmitt Jr. was charged, Governor Evers only took action after I sent him a letter calling for Schmitt Jr.’s removal and the press started picking up the story.


The Governor of Wisconsin has the authority to remove district attorneys who fail. After countless stories of violent criminals let out on little to no bail and then reoffending – causing murder and mayhem in our streets – Governor Evers hasn’t taken action.


We need new leadership in our state. It’s time to turn the page. I’m asking for your vote on August 9th, so that we can re-establish law and order. If you’re looking for a Wisconsin Governor who will take action and reinstall that ethos in our state, I’m your candidate.”

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