DELAFIELD, Wis. –– Today, Kevin Nicholson, a Marine Corps combat veteran, political outsider, and a Republican candidate for Wisconsin governor, filed the maximum 4,000 nomination signatures with the Wisconsin Elections Commission, ensuring his place on the Republican primary ballot on August 9thHe also issued a debate challenge to his primary opponents, requesting they join him in participating in public debates throughout Wisconsin. Nicholson is seeking a series of structured debates in seven cities during June, July, and August, leading up to the Republican gubernatorial primary.

Nicholson went on to share his rationale for the debate challenge:

“Republicans throughout Wisconsin are excited about defeating Tony Evers this November. But it’s going to require a nominee who is up to the challenge. With only a couple months before Primary Election Day, it’s time to publicly allow voters the chance to hear from each of the Republican candidates for Governor about our positions on issues. The best way to do this is to hold a series of respectful debates over the months of June, July, and August, so voters can decide who will best govern our state and can defeat Tony Evers this fall.”

The proposal from the Nicholson for Wisconsin campaign seeks to have structured, moderated debates in seven cities across Wisconsin: Eau Claire, Green Bay, Hudson, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau. Once primary opponents agree to the concept in principle, the campaigns will negotiate the final terms, and begin sharing the details with Republican voters in each area. Candidates have already been invited to participate in a debate in the Milwaukee area on July 24th, hosted by Charles Benson of TMJ4. Nicholson has accepted the invitation.

Nicholson’s team suggested that candidates participating should demonstrate a minimum threshold of statewide public support:

  • Attaining official ballot status for the August 9th primary;
  •   At least5% support in the most recent Marquette University Law School polling, or other publicly available non-candidate or non-candidate-affiliated statewide surveys meeting a C or better reliability rating from the polling website through June 30th;
  • OR at least a 5% average in the previous two Marquette University Law School polls in 2022;
  • OR total individual contributors of at least 5000 people through June 30th.

To learn more about why Kevin Nicholson is running for governor, along with his background and vision for Wisconsin, click here:

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