Nicholson says Wisconsin residents need relief from rising costs – and one step the state can take is repealing the minimum markup on gasoline.

 DELAFIELD, Wis. – Today, Kevin Nicholson, a Marine Corps combat veteran, political outsider, and a Republican candidate for Wisconsin governor, called on the Wisconsin state legislature and Governor Tony Evers to provide some relief at the pump to Wisconsin residents by repealing the minimum markup on gasoline sales in Wisconsin.

Nicholson went on to share his rationale regarding this legislative change:

“It’s time to provide some relief to Wisconsin residents. Since the Great Depression, Wisconsin politicians have mandated that gasoline prices in our state are systematically inflated. Today, state law requires a 9.18% markup to wholesale gas prices in Wisconsin. Estimates from earlier this year (when gas was just $4/gallon, on average) show that the minimum markup added upwards of $0.32 per gallon to the cost. Given that average mid-grade gas is now over $5 a gallon – the highest ever – this needs to stop.”

Nicholson added:

“Joe Biden, Tony Evers, and other extremists like them, have restricted access to energy by shutting down pipelines and instituting policies that have intentionally driven up the cost of fossil fuels. Considering that the cost of energy is an input to every good and service produced, we are all feeling the pain of inflation. I can’t fix all of this as the Governor of Wisconsin, but I can help by demanding that our state repeal the minimum markup for gas – something that should have been done a decade ago. As the true political outsider in this race, I’m not afraid of taking on the special interests that have run this state. If the legislature and Evers can’t take care of this immediately, I pledge to help keep the cost of gas down by working to repeal minimum markup on day one as governor.”

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