Even on the eve of Election Day, many residents are undecided about one or more offices. NoBetterCandidate has descriptions of each elected office, and the platforms for each candidate. Visitors can watch full length debates for the US Senate, Governor, and Attorney General races.

“Its difficult to find the platforms of a candidate and how criticisms may or may not be important to the constituents they hope to represent,” says publisher Chris O’Brien. “We’ve included short biographies and NoBetterCandidate cuts through the noise to sort fact from fiction. Wisconsin residents will find the website beneficial before they vote.

The website has been reformatted after highlighting twenty one Republican candidates vying for the August 8th primary. “Many voters are frustrated with their choice of candidates. They wonder how we ended up with this ballot of candidates today. We explain the political process from nomination to Election Day.

NoBetterCandidate also has a glossary of 2022 political terms such as “Zuckerbucks” and has a page showcasing the history of Wisconsin’s abortion law. Abortion has been a focal point in political ads this cycle.

O’Brien is a veteran news contributor in Connecticut and Wisconsin. He previously published a newsblog in his former home state and wrote for the Marshall- Waterloo Courier here in Wisconsin. “All politics is local but the media hasn’t made politics relevant. We do.”

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