Washington, D.C. – In case you’ve been missing Alex Lasry’s lackluster of a U.S. Senate primary campaign, he only has the Milwaukee Bucks to talk about with Wisconsinites.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Alex Lasry announced last year he was stepping away from his job as senior vice president of the NBA team — a job he landed in 2016 because his father owns one-third of the Bucks.

He took a leave of absence from the Milwaukee Bucks to run for office. But his campaign did not. 

Is this because he has no other ties to Wisconsin and nothing else to run on and talk about? 100%, yes.

Let’s not forget this is the travel guide he’s using and when he was ‘pleasantly surprised Milwaukee is a normal city.’

Statement from NRSC Spokesperson Lizzie Litzow: “Alex Lasry is a spoiled rich kid who has relied on Daddy Lasry for every job he’s had, and this senate run is no exception. Using the Bucks job his dad got him to try to gain traction with voters to Daddy Lasry sending emails to his Wall Street friends asking for financial support for his son’s campaign, Alex doesn’t have much of his own to tout.”

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