Washington, D.C. – Dangerous Democrat Mandela Barnes is losing in the polls and getting desperate for a bailout.  He has turned to D.C. politicians for help and this week, Bernie Sanders swoops in.

Socialist Sanders endorsed Barnes earlier this year. Barnes gladly accepted the Socialist’s endorsement because not only does he fully support the Squad and Sanders’ agenda, but he believes Socialists aren’t “going too far to the left at all.” That’s a bold statement given their radical beliefs and the reckless impact their agenda has had on Wisconsin communities.

Does Barnes really think Bernie is going to bail him out in the Badger State?! If so, he should really think again. Wisconsinites are nowhere near as far Left as Barnes and Bernie.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “This should be a reminder that under the Barnes Brigade, the Badger State will be influenced by D.C. Democrats like Bernie Sanders, not Wisconsin families.”

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