Washington, D.C. – Another day, another goose egg for Mandela Barnes on active law enforcement endorsements. Ouch. This time, his hometown’s police association – the Milwaukee Police Association – decided to endorse Ron Johnson over dangerous Democrat Mandela Barnes. This comes on the heels of Barnes lying about one of his law enforcement endorsements and having to remove another, leaving him with ZERO active law enforcement officer endorsements. 

In a letter written to Sen. Johnson, Milwaukee Police Association President Andrew Wagner said, “During these increasingly trying times, the over 1,400 men and women of the Milwaukee Police Association appreciate leaders like you who are willing to stand and be an advocate for Law Enforcement Professionals.”

This comes as no surprise as Mandela Barnes is a dangerous Democrat who is making Wisconsin communities less safe. He is running on an agenda to defund the policehalf the prison population, eliminate cash bail, and abolish ICE.

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