Washington, D.C. – Mandela Barnes has repeatedly advocated for cutting the state’s prison population in half, eliminating cash bail and other progressive criminal justice reforms. Barnes is a dangerous Democrat.

As reported by FOX News:

Before entering public office, Barnes previously worked as an organizer for Milwaukee Inner City Congregations Allied for Hope, a Milwaukee-based social justice group, when he teamed up with another organization, Wisdom, to launch a 2012 initiative aimed at cutting Wisconsin’s prison population in half.

The 11×15 campaign sought to reduce the state’s prison population to 11,000 inmates by 2015, Barnes told local media at the time.

Months before the election in July 2018, Barnes celebrated Evers and other Democratic gubernatorial candidates for supporting his initiative.

After Evers and Barnes won the election in November 2018, narrowly defeating incumbent Republicans Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch, Barnes continued supporting the prison initiative, tweeting in October 2019, “Cool, let’s cut our prison population in half.”

The vast majority of those currently incarcerated — 68% — are classified as “violent” offenders, meaning it would be impossible to cut the population in “half” without releasing at least some of those violent offenders.

Barnes’ campaign did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “Mandela Barnes is a dangerous Democrat. He wants to release 50% of the prison population when 68% is classified as ‘violent’ offenders. Barnes continues to put criminals over victims, making Wisconsin communities less safe. The safety of the Badger State can’t afford to ever give Barnes a promotion.”

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