Washington, D.C. – A battle is being waged for the soul of the Democrat Party and one side has emerged victorious – the radical left-wing of the party.

This morning, Sen. Joe Manchin was quoted as saying: “…Sen. Schumer has a pretty far-left caucus. And with that, there were people in the overwhelming majority who were going in a different direction. And he’s the leader of that.”

Boy, is he right. Schumer and the Democrat establishment cleared the field for the far Left. Just take a look at some of the Senate Democrat primaries this cycle:

  • In Pennsylvania, socialist Lt. Governor John Fetterman blew out Congressman Conor Lamb.  Lamb received zero support from the Washington Democrat establishment who seemed content to concede the future of this race to someone on the fringe of the party. Some could say that the Dem establishment led Lamb to slaughter.
  • In Wisconsin, another far-Left Lt. Governor, Mandela Barnes, maintains a healthy lead in the Democrat primary even though he’s a decidedly weak candidate.
  • In Florida, the Democrat establishment pushed moderate Democrat Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy out of the way to make room for radical Congresswoman Val Demings.

In other words, the Washington Democrat establishment has conceded that they are at the mercy of a wing of their party that is far outside the mainstream.

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Democrats have lost control of their own narrative.  Chuck Schumer is powerless in both Washington and in primaries nationwide as he continues to struggle to keep the socialist wing of his party under control.  Democrats will learn the hard way that surrendering to radicals will only worsen the disaster that awaits them in November.”

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