Washington, D.C. – The Democrats know they are in trouble this election cycle. From not being able to get anything done – despite having full control of Washington – to raging inflation and a major crisis at our Southern Border, it’s no wonder that they are desperate to try new “tactics” to appease and deceive the American public. According to Axios, Democrats are now trying to “skip labels.”

This includes Senate hopeful, Mandela Barnes (D-WI).

But let’s take a look at the facts.

It all screams “ultra-liberal” to us. Axios says it best: “It’s not that these candidates [like Barnes] aren’t supportive of liberal issues or progressive platforms — in fact, the opposite is true.” We won’t let him run away from who he is.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “Mandela Barnes wants to hide from the ‘ultra-liberal’ label he has earned because he now knows that’s not what Wisconsinites and Americans want. Too late. Actions speak louder than words.”

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