Washington, D.C. – Last year, when Democrats passed their so-called coronavirus relief bill, they (wrongly) claimed the trillions in wasteful spending was necessary to help schools reopen safely for in-person learning. Even then, the science told us that classrooms were already safe for in-person learning, but Democrats never miss a chance to use children as political pawns to get trillions in unrelated spending passed through Congress.

Not even one year later, and with billions of dollars in their pockets, teachers unions across the nation are ready to risk the well-being of America’s students by demanding a return to virtual classrooms. Senate Democrat hopefuls are silent.

What about the $122 billion Senate Democrats sent to states to safely re-open schools and get kids back in the classrooms? With 4,561 schools going virtual or closing completely for at least one day this week, including in Wisconsin, Senate hopefuls like Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes should be wondering where these billions went. Or, more likely, he just doesn’t care. His political allies got rich while America’s students and families suffered.

As his allies at the teachers unions call for widespread school closures, is Mandela Barnes willing to admit that the billions in wasteful spending he supported failed to make classrooms safe for students to learn in-person? Will he finally be ready to call out his allies in the teachers unions for keeping kids out of the classrooms?

We’re not holding our breath.

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