Washington, D.C. – Wisconsin Democrats have found a new target: Joe Biden.

Wisconsin senate candidates Sarah Godlewski and Alex Lasry have each released campaign ads admitting that Wisconsinites are struggling under Joe Biden and Senate Democrats’ leadership.

Sarah Godlewski: “Dairy farms disappearing, prices up, COVID still not gone.”

Alex Lasry: “Supply chain backlogs, inflation, agitation.”

They’re not wrong. The struggle is real and there is only one person is to blame: Godlewski and Lasry’s leader, Joe Biden.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “The real culprits behind rampant inflation and a fragile economy are Joe Biden, Senate Democrats and their far-Left agenda. The Biden administration has failed to tackle key issues that are hurting the hard-working people of Wisconsin. We thank Godlewski’s and Lasry’s campaigns for highlighting the record of Biden’s failures.”

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