Washington, D.C.—Earlier this week it was revealed that Mandela Barnes lied about one of the cop endorsements he had touted, leaving him with 7 retired cops and 1 on-duty cop on his endorsement list. But as reported by CBS 58 yesterday, the lone on-duty cop removed his name from the list leaving only 7 RETIRED cops on Barnes’ endorsement list.

Yes, there are 13,400 law enforcement officers in Wisconsin and ZERO endorsed Mandela Barnes for Senate.

Embarrassing, but not surprising.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “This is a huge red flag. Mandela Barnes is so dangerous for Wisconsin that no on-duty law enforcement officer will endorse his run for Senate. If Wisconsinites don’t know Barnes’ stance on crime yet, then they need to take this as a warning: Barnes will only make their state and communities less safe.”

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