Madison, Wis. — Today, the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) and the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) have announced that Governor Tony Evers has proclaimed October as National Financial Planning Month in Wisconsin.

“Financial Planning Month is a great time to review your finances and make a plan for your future,” said DFI Secretary-designee Cheryll Olson-Collins. “Simple steps like making a monthly budget or reviewing your car insurance policy can help create a stronger financial foundation for you and your loved ones. Check out our financial wellness checklist at for more ideas to keep your financial goals on track.”

Governor Evers’ proclamation encourages Wisconsinites to plan for the unplanned with the right insurance coverage, so their pocketbook is protected from unexpected health issues, car accidents, or other property damage.

“Our team at OCI works every day to inform and empower consumers because understanding insurance coverage can help Wisconsinites keep their finances on track,” said Insurance Commissioner Nathan Houdek. “Our insurance marketplace is strong and competitive so every Wisconsin consumer can access the best rates and highest quality insurance plans available. From renters insurance to individual health plans, we have experts and resources available to answer questions about deductibles, premiums, and more.”

Contact OCI at 1-800-236-8517 or 608-266-3585 or visit our website for more information. If Wisconsinites encounter any issues with their insurance agent or company, they can also visit to file a complaint.

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