Olikara calls out Ron Johnson’s dishonesty to Wisconsinites

GREEN BAY – “I have never had the privilege of supporting such a well prepared candidate for any office, from school board to city council to President of the United States,” former Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton shared when introducing Steven Olikara at a recent campaign event in Green Bay. “Steven is the one Democratic candidate capable of rebuilding trust and putting together a winning campaign.”

Olikara is a national leader on political reform. “The number one piece of legislation that I will introduce in the U.S. Senate will focus on changing the business model of politics — changing the incentives governing why we don’t have good options in politics. It has become too profitable for politicians to spew hate, divide us up, and polarize our society,” Olikara said to enthusiastic applause from public educators and others in attendance.

Politicians have become telemarketers, spending most of their time dialing for dollars instead of doing their job as legislators. I saw this issue up close,” continued Olikara, referencing his time as Founder and CEO of the Millennial Action Project, the largest nonpartisan organization of young elected officials in the country. He is committing to: change campaign finance and ban members from fundraising while Congress is in session.

Ron Johnson is drunk on power. “You have politicians, like Ron Johnson, who break their commitment to serve only two terms but continue running again and again. They start to believe that they’re the only ones who can do the job.” That is why Olikara has announced an unorthodox position of enacting term limits in Congress.

Earlier that day, Olikara toured the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry in Manitowoc with his friend and the company’s CEO, Sachin Shivaram, who hosted President Biden at the facility in 2020. Olikara highlighted his commitment to a more dignified economy, where workers have the training they need to obtain fulfilling, well-paid jobs. “That’s why I support making technical and vocational education tuition-free and expanding apprenticeships.”

With his authentic vision of changing politics and economic dignity, Olikara is attracting the “exhausted majority” that Democrats need to replace Ron Johnson in November.

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